Sarah KernoghanHR Graduate Trainee, Zipcar

I have worked at Zipcar for 5 months. Before that I studied Biology at the University of Bristol. I did a Masters in plant virology but decided that a career in scientific research was not the right path for me. Zipcar was my employer of choice, as it fits my personal values around sustainable living perfectly.

I little experience of HR — just a few summer jobs I worked through university. As an HR graduate I rotate between different roles in Human Resources, so I can get a really good understanding of what HR contributes to the business, and decide how I want to specialise later in my career. At the moment I am working hard on the implementation of a new computer system to hold our employee information. From the new year I will be learning the ropes of Learning and Development, eventually planning and running my own training sessions and schemes. After that I will be working as a Recruitment Coordinator, and running the Payroll for Zipcar in the UK. Eventually I will take on Business Partnering responsibilities.

There's never a dull moment at Zipcar — my highlights include seeing (male) staff members dressed as female comic book characters for charity, and wrapping a team member's desk entirely (and everything on it — pencils, pens, monitors, cables) in blue wrapping paper on her last day before she left to have her baby boy. The culture of Zipcar is what makes me want to come to work each day.

There have been challenges along the way — there was a steep learning curve when I first started. I didn't have a vast amount of HR experience, and certainly didn't know anything about the unique HR needs of a car-sharing business, but with (a lot) of help from my team and my manager I'm definitely learning.