Andy HarlandCommercial Finance Director

I've worked for ABG for two and a half years, originally in the UK Financial Planning and Analysis team and now in the European team. Prior to joining ABG I worked in the Telecoms industry for ten years, working at both Vodafone and EE in Finance or Commercial Marketing roles from Accounting through to Marketing Acquisition and Retention.

My role is quite broad but the principal of it is to ensure we acquire and retain an optimal mix of business to ensure we generate profitable revenue. We get heavily involved in customer profitability analysis and forecasting. We are always looking for ways to optimise, be it through Corporate accounts or driving product sales through commission schemes.

What makes ABG a great place to work? The diversity. We rent cars, it is that simple! However through our diversity of offerings, long term, daily, hourly rental, and mix of fleet, from a Fiat 500 to a VW Transporter Van to a prestige vehicle like a Porsche 911. Our mix of additional products and services and our vast customer requirements as a result. The challenge is making that diversity effortlessly simple for our customers.