United Kingdom, International HQ

Our office in Bracknell is the HQ for the International Region. We deliver a wide range of strategic initiatives across the region, playing a key role in driving successful transformation programmes. Collaboration with our regional HQs in Auckland, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Sydney and with our Support and Contact Centres across the world is vital, so there's a real international element to a career here. Our corporate functions led from Bracknell include Performance Excellence, Commercial, IT, Finance, HR, Fleet, Licensees, Operations and Legal.

The HQ for our Northern Region — which includes Sweden, Norway and Denmark — is co-located in Bracknell, setting the region's strategy and offering a wide range of roles in everything from Central Operations to Sales and Marketing.

Wherever you work, in our HQ or in Operations, there's an exhilarating pace. There's also plenty of transfer of talent between our UK HQ and the rest of our International Region. A career with us can be truly multinational.

Aside from Bracknell, there are also hundreds of opportunities in our Rental Stores situated throughout the UK.